NVB Contracting® offers residential and commercial roofing repairs and replacements in Northern VA, Maryland, and West Virginia areas.

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Warranties: Lifetime warranty that guarantees you are satisfied with your roof. You do not need to worry about leaks.

Material: Asphalt, fiberglass, cedar shake

When should your roof be repaired or replaced?
If you notice drafts, leaks after it rains, missing shingles, shingles in your gutters, and/or damaged flashing please give us a call.

Our experts will diagnose the source of your leak or damage and provide you an evaluation. We repair all types of damage; hail, fallen trees, high winds, and wind-blown debris.

Once evaluation is made, we will work with you to determine the material, color and cost that will best suit your needs and budget.

Give us a call today for free quote.

Choosing a roof?

If you are a homeowner, your safety is most likely important to you. And nothing ensures the safety of your property more than a strong solid roof.

Is your roof damaged without you knowing it? As of recent there have been 6 hail storms in northern virginia over the last two weeks. These storms tend to test the strength of your roofing. Are you in need of an inspection? Call 877 682 4044 to get your quote today, and depending on your insurance, you might not have to spend a penny for a repair!

Experiencing Hail damage? Read this before calling a roofing contractor!

As of recent, there have been hail storms in your area and there’s a 50% chance you have a leak right now!! Get a free inspector today to inspect your roof which should be covered by your insurance due to the storm!

NVB is a highly reputable company who provides products and services to ensure the protection and safety of your property! With a -A from the Better Business Bureau, we can ensure you we will work to accommodate all of your needs!

We are known for our
⁃ Quick response/timely service
⁃ Efficient and thorough performance
⁃ Work with your insurance and make it an easy process for customers
⁃ Open & honest communication

Gutter Repairs

NVB Contracting® will provide all customers gutter inspections and replacement in the Northern VA, Maryland and West Virginia areas. Your gutters can be heavy loaded with debris which can cause damage to the angle of the gutter causing water to back up in your home, overflowing your home’s foundation or flooding your basement. That is why inspecting your gutters is so important. Don’t neglect your gutters, call us today!

If your gutters are NOT functioning properly, all the water can lead to inside your home foundation. We handle all types of gutter repairs including re-nailing loose gutters, inspecting your gutters, miters and underground drain systems for problems. We don’t want poor functioning gutters to damage your home. Please call us today!

Gutter installation

We can install top quality gutters and replace any fascia (wood board behind the gutter) if damaged.


Deciding the type of siding is very crucial as it will impact the look and curb appeal of your home or commercial building.

Factors to consider: color, texture, width of planks, and type of insulation.

Wood siding is attractive, natural, and will withstand pressure and damage.

Versatile and can resemble wood siding. Quick to install and easy to maintain.

Fiber Cement
The only siding that combines the performance of masonry, minimal upkeep, unaffected by wind or cold, termite, rot and fire proof. Fiber cement is a resilient mix of wood pulp and Portland cement. You choose the look: shingles, painted wood clapboards, stone or brick.

Work with quality products to ensure your home remains cozy and looks its best. The quality of siding raises the value of your home.

Why siding is important?
Keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Protects the exterior and interior of your home from damages.

Do you need new siding?
If you notice cracking, fading, warping, bubbling, peeling paint, dry rot, holes, mold or mildew or high heating and cooling bills, please give us a call.

Several construction workers are replacing facia on a steel sided house.

Replacing windows can help lower your heating and cooling costs and reduce exterior noises.

NVB Contracting® will add Energy efficient and beautiful windows to your home or commercial building.

You need new windows if:

  • Your window is physically damaged
  • Your experience intense differences in temperatures in the winter or summer
  • If your window glass is fogging up or icing over
  • If you have difficulty opening and closing your window
  • If your curtains, floors or furniture is fading in color

Call us today to start the process of replacing your windows.

New, quality windows should last between ten and twenty years.

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